Appointment Scheduling & Setting with AI-driven Voice Assistants

Appointment Scheduling & Setting with AI-driven Voice Assistants

Run no-code platform with Ai-driven voice bots for automation of appointment scheduling. Our virtual assistants can understand and manage challenging scheduling requests

Voice AI Appointment Scheduling

Self-Service Scheduling

Self-service scheduling can be done by programming the virtual voice assistant with a script that guides customers through the scheduling process, including selecting a date and time and confirming the appointment. This self-service can improve customer experience by giving them more flexibility and convenience. It also saves business time by reducing the number of calls and manual scheduling tasks for the service staff.

Hi, I need to reschedule my appointment for tomorrow.

Intent: /change_appointment

Entity:  appointment_date=“2023-04-15”

Action - API Call:  check_appointment(“2022-12-25”) - status OK;

Hi, John. I'd be happy to help you with that. I see your appointment was at 2:00 PM tomorrow. What time and date would you like to reschedule your appointment?

I would like to reschedule it for the same time next Friday.


Action - API Call:  change_appointment(“2022-12-25”, “2023-01-05”) - status OK;

Unlocking global communication opportunities

Virtual voice assistants can be programmed to speak multiple languages for appointment scheduling. This allows businesses to support customers who speak different languages, improving the customer experience and increasing the chances of successful appointments. The virtual voice assistant can be integrated with a translation service or multi-language model to understand and respond to customer requests in different languages, which can help improve communication accuracy and fluency.

Unlocking global communication opportunities

AI-powered 24/7 service excellence solution functions within and outside work hours, making it possible to customers to schedule, change time, or cancel appointments at any time, even outside of regular business hours. It can improve customer experience by providing them with more flexibility and convenience. It can also save business time by reducing the number of calls and manual scheduling tasks for the service staff.

AI-powered 24/7 service excellence

Increase you business efficiency through AI-powered scheduling

AI-powered appointment scheduling can improve business efficiency by automating many tasks involved in scheduling appointments, such as sending reminders, rescheduling, cancellations, and managing customer data. This can free up staff to focus on more critical tasks, such as providing customer service and increasing productivity..

Increase you business efficiency through AI-powered scheduling

Why vTalk?

Free Setup and launch
Free Setup and launch

The setup and installation of the AI-powered virtual voice assistant are entirely free

3x Cost Reducing
3x Cost Reducing

Save operating expenses and increase your productivity by automating typical procedures

Deployment Just in 1 Week
Deployment Just in 1 Week

Within a week get your voice AI fully customized to your unique demands and deployed

Proprietary NPL Engine
Proprietary NPL Engine

Get all the benefits with well-designed NLP engine with appropriate human voice interpretation

No Code Development
No Code Development

An enterprise-ready, no-code builder that makes it easier to create AI voice assistants

Free API Integration with Any Service
Free API Integration with Any Service

Our free API integration with any of your services enables business processes to operate correctly

Just six steps to start

Your internal job
Define a target
Create a conversation script
Build a scenario in visual designer
Provide AI training
Make test calls and improve the model
Go to live calls

Appointments and Reservations for Every Industry

Travel & Hospitality

    • Hotel Reservations
    • Car Rentals
    • Travel Notifications


    • HIPAA-Compliant Authentication and Scheduling
    • Prescription Refills and Reminders

Shipping & Logistics

    • Scheduling
    • Tracking
    • Outbound Notifications


    • Service Repair
    • Recall Campaigns
    • Emergency Roadside Assistance

Service Providers

    • Schedule Service or Repairs
    • Schedule Delivery/Pickup
    • ETA Status Updates


    • Table booking
    • Outbound Booking confirmations
    • Reminders and special offers

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