AI-Powered Voice Solutions for Travel and Hospitality

AI-Powered Voice Solutions for Travel and Hospitality

Deploy vTalk no-code AI-powered virtual voice assistants for travel and hospitality companies and upgrade your customer experience. Our AI-based voice assistant platform can help increase revenue and optimize costs with the possibility of staying in touch with your customers 24/7.

24/7 Customer Support

Voice assistants powered by can readily interface with pre-existing computer systems, which enables them to offer around-the-clock support and facilitate the settlement of issues more quickly, even with full functionality on the phone. Full support means complete trust, and this is what you get with the AI voice assistant.

I want to fly from New York to London on the 15th of next month.

Entity: departure_city=”New York”, arrival_city=”London”, date=“2023-04-15”

Action - API Call: check_fligths(“2023-04-15”,”New York”,”London”) - status OK;

Okay, let me see what options are available. I've found several flights for you to choose from. Which one would you like to book?

Complete reservations

Voice assistants powered by can ask for customers’ information when users choose the details of a vacation plan, such as a flight or a hotel. While offering a channel to complete payments via credit cards, finalize the bookings, and delivers itineraries via email or message, it also gives a payment gateway for the user to make the payment, complete their reservations, and obtain an electronic itinerary.

I want to check in on the 15th of this month and check out on the 20th.

Entity: from_date=”2023-04-15”, to_date=”2023-04-20”

Got it. Would you like a specific type of room, or do you have any preferences?

I'd like a standard room with a queen-sized bed.

Entity: room_type=”standard”, options=[“Queen-size bed”]

Action - API Call: check_available(“2023-04-15”,“2023-04-20”,”standard”,options=[“Queen-size bed”]) - status OK;

Manage cancellations

Without involving human operators, the system can enable reservation cancellations. It will request the customer's details and reservation codes, after which it can cancel the client's reservations, suggest alternatives for canceled hotels or flights, advise the client about refund and return procedures, and make claims for those refunds.

I would like to cancel my hotel reservation.

Intent: /cancel_reservation

I'm sorry to hear that. What is your reservation number or the name the reservation was booked under so I can assist you with the cancellation?

Travel notifications & emergency response

With virtual voice assistants, you can automatically tell passengers about upcoming trip plans, changes to their schedule, and other vital information via voice or SMS channels. Customers' satisfaction levels with your company will significantly impact your ability to communicate with them in advance and relieve their worries.

Hello, John. Your flight time has been changed to an earlier departure time. Would you like to change your flight to the new time or select a different flight?

Can I change my flight to a later time instead?

Intent: /reschedule_request

Why vTalk?

Free Setup and launch
Free Setup and launch

The setup and installation of the AI-powered virtual voice assistant are entirely free

3x Cost Reducing
3x Cost Reducing

Save operating expenses and increase your productivity by automating typical procedures

Deployment Just in 1 Week
Deployment Just in 1 Week

Within a week get your voice AI fully customized to your unique demands and deployed

Proprietary NPL Engine
Proprietary NPL Engine

Get all the benefits with well-designed NLP engine with appropriate human voice interpretation

No Code Development
No Code Development

An enterprise-ready, no-code builder that makes it easier to create AI voice assistants

Free API Integration with Any Service
Free API Integration with Any Service

Our free API integration with any of your services enables business processes to operate correctly

Just six steps to start

Your internal job
Define a target
Create a conversation script
Build a scenario in visual designer
Provide AI training
Make test calls and improve the model
Go to live calls

Virtual agents benefits for Travel & Hospitality

For your Customers
    • 24/7 availability
    • Reliable service standards
    • Improved Customers satisfaction
For your Emloyees
    • Better work comfort
    • Opportunities to upskill
    • Reduce routine and burnout tasks
For your Business
    • Cost optimization
    • Improved customer adherence
    • More profit without compromise of standards
    • Improved brand  trust for business success

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