AI-Based Virtual Voice Assistants for Healthcare

AI-Based Virtual Voice Assistants for Healthcare virtual voice assistants can provide a complete healthcare solution by assisting patients with tasks such as scheduling appointments, providing medical information, managing prescriptions, and connecting with healthcare providers.

Provide your patients with instant, timely, helpful healthcare

When Patients call in need of instant healthcare services from clinic and hospital staff, they find themselves waiting for countless hours because of operational activities and appointments already taking place within the system. healthcare virtual voice assistant is a low-cost patient engagement solution that helps to improve operational performance, ensuring customer satisfaction and saving healthcare staff a lot of time and effort.


Appointments scheduling voice assistants allow patients to schedule appointments, provide reminders for upcoming appointments and reschedule or cancel appointments as needed. It can also help patients navigate the process of booking an appointment, answering any questions they might have, and verifying their insurance coverage.

Hello! Can I schedule an appointment with Dr.Smith?

Intent: /schedule_appointment

Entity: doctor=”Smith”

Sure, what date and time suits you the best?

Thursday at 3 PM would be great.

Entity: appointment_date=”Thu, 12-OCT-2021”, slot_time=”15:00”

Action - API Call: create_appointment(“Smith”, ”Thu, 12-OCT-2021”, ”15:00”) - status OK

I see that Dr. Smith is available at this time. So I booked an appointment for you on Thursday, the 12th of October at 3 PM.

Why vTalk?

Free Setup and launch
Free Setup and launch

The setup and installation of the AI-powered virtual voice assistant are entirely free

3x Cost Reducing
3x Cost Reducing

Save operating expenses and increase your productivity by automating typical procedures

Deployment Just in 1 Week
Deployment Just in 1 Week

Within a week get your voice AI fully customized to your unique demands and deployed

Proprietary NPL Engine
Proprietary NPL Engine

Get all the benefits with well-designed NLP engine with appropriate human voice interpretation

No Code Development
No Code Development

An enterprise-ready, no-code builder that makes it easier to create AI voice assistants

Free API Integration with Any Service
Free API Integration with Any Service

Our free API integration with any of your services enables business processes to operate correctly

Virtual agents benefits for Healthcare

For your patients

    • Consistent standards of service
    • Improved patient satisfaction
    • 24/7 availability
    • Substitute contextual assistance for automated customer support.

For your emloyees

    • Better work comfort for front desk and admin employees
    • Opportunities to upskill
    • More meaningful tasks
    • Reduces the stress of managing everything in the highly draining healthcare system

For your business

    • Cost optimization
    • Improved patient adherence
    • More profit without compromise of standards
    • Improved customer and business relationship

Just six steps to start

Your internal job
Define a target
Create a conversation script
Build a scenario in visual designer
Provide AI training
Make test calls and improve the model
Go to live calls

The combination of AI and human capabilities for the best experience

Automation meets humanity

AI voice-enabled virtual assistants for the medical field can't take the role of real-life conversation. They're made to let human agents quickly go forward from simple, straightforward, and sympathetic engagements to satisfy patients' rising demands for beneficial digital experiences.

Data-driven business strategy enhancement

Utilize an AI-based virtual voice assistant to gather and analyze patient data in healthcare, identifying trends and areas for improvement. Leverage its capabilities to identify new business opportunities, track performance, and make data-driven decisions that enhance overall business strategy and performance

Increase revenue and conversions voice assistant can increase revenue and conversion for healthcare by providing personalized recommendations and offers to customers, increasing the likelihood of them taking advantage of additional services and treatments.

The perfect blend of human and AI

With easy customer interaction by switching from AI voice assistants solving most possible problems and switching to human agents whenever there is a need, we have a system that works perfectly, leading to complete customer satisfaction.

The combination of AI and human capabilities for the best experience

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