Conversational AI for Telecom – Power of Virtual Voice Assistants

Conversational AI for Telecom – Power of Virtual Voice Assistants

A voice assistant for telecom can automate customer service tasks and provide personalized support, helping customers with account management, billing, troubleshooting, and more, improving customer satisfaction and reducing operational costs.

Customer service automation

An AI-based virtual voice assistant can automate customer service tasks for telecom by providing a natural language interface for customers to interact with, it can understand customer's inquiries, and provide relevant information and assistance. It can also handle routine tasks such as account management, billing and troubleshooting, allowing customers to resolve issues quickly and easily, thus reducing the need for human customer service staff and improving the overall customer service experience.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate the quality of the service you received from our customer service representative?

Action: collect_digits()

 I would rate it a 7.

Entity: value=”7”

Action: Go to /medium_level/extended_feedback

Service that never sleeps

An AI-based virtual voice assistant for telecom companies can be available 24/7 by providing automated customer service, which can be accessed by customers at any time, regardless of the time of day or night. It can also be programmed to handle multiple languages, providing convenience for customers and improving the overall customer service experience.

Intent: /incident_registration

Entity: problem_description=”slow and keeps disconnecting”

I see. Please tell me the make and model of your device and your current location.

Reduce operational costs

An AI-based virtual voice assistant can help reduce operational costs for telecom by handling routine tasks such as account management, billing, and troubleshooting, which reduces the need for human customer service staff. It can also answer frequently asked questions and provide relevant information, saving time and resources for both customers and staff.

Please provide your account number and the amount you would like to pay.

My account number is 123456 and I would like to pay $50.

Entity: account_number=”123456”, amount=”50 USD”

Action - API Call: check_account(‘123456’) - status OK;

Providing personalized support

An AI-based virtual voice assistant can provide personalized support for telecom by understanding the customer's needs through natural language processing and providing relevant information and recommendations, which can improve the overall customer experience and satisfaction. Additionally, the virtual assistant can personalize the experience by learning from customer interactions and providing more accurate information.

I'm looking for a plan with unlimited data usage and some international roaming.

Entity: plan_options=[”unlimited data”,”international roaming”]

Action - API Call: check_available_plans([”unlimited data”,”international roaming”]) - status OK;

I have a few options that might meet your requirements. Our "Unlimited Data & Roaming" plan offers unlimited data usage and international roaming in selected countries. Would you like to hear more about this plan, or do you have any other questions?

Why vTalk?

Free Setup and launch
Free Setup and launch

The setup and installation of the AI-powered virtual voice assistant are entirely free

3x Cost Reducing
3x Cost Reducing

Save operating expenses and increase your productivity by automating typical procedures

Deployment Just in 1 Week
Deployment Just in 1 Week

Within a week get your voice AI fully customized to your unique demands and deployed

Proprietary NPL Engine
Proprietary NPL Engine

Get all the benefits with well-designed NLP engine with appropriate human voice interpretation

No Code Development
No Code Development

An enterprise-ready, no-code builder that makes it easier to create AI voice assistants

Free API Integration with Any Service
Free API Integration with Any Service

Our free API integration with any of your services enables business processes to operate correctly

Virtual agents benefits for Telecom

For your Customers
    • Reliable service standards
    • Improved user satisfaction
    • 24/7 availability
For your Emloyees
    • Better work comfort
    • Opportunities to upskill
    • Reduce routine and burnout tasks
For your Business
    • Improved customer satisfaction
    • More profit without compromises
    • Improved brand trust

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